20% Spirit Guide:

Brew Masons 20% Spirit is a great alternative to commercial spirit. It may only be 20% as opposed to most commercial 40% spirits however it is completely neutral and mixes much better without any aftertaste.

Please find below a guide for constructing your perfect 20% Sugar Spirit. Why not try making it carbonated for a different sort of 20% drink. Maybe even create your own flavour profile mixing and matching our huge range of flavours.

Spirit Guide:

Step 1: – Carbonation (20% Flat, 17% Fizzy)

Step 2: – Choose Flavours

Step 3: – Choose Sweetness (Dry, Medium, Sweet)

Step 4: – Whisky or Other Oak Chips


We have a huge range of over 50 flavourings that you may use to change the flavour of your 20% Spirit.

Please click here if you wish to discover our huge range of flavours.

Oak Chip Styles

  • None
  • Medium French
  • Medium American
  • Heavy French
  • Heavy American
  • Sherry
  • Whisky

“Please select the type of oak flavouring you would like in your wine. French has a spicey finish and American has a fruity.
The intensity goes from 1-13 Like all of our other scales.