Our services:

Welcome to Brew Masons Ltd. a revolutionary service for home brewing. Our motto is, “Hassle Free Home Brew!®” Our simply pay as you go service is actually going to save you considerable money on alcohol. Our service is comprehensive requiring you to simply visit our premise as little as once a month to mix your next batch of home brew (which only takes a couple of minutes) and collect your finished product 3 weeks later with your own personalised labels. On top of this our venue contains facilities which will allow our members to take lessons, make and swap their home brew products and enter taste test competitions in a social atmosphere.

Our service includes:

  1. Venue Hire allowing you to make and swap your home brew (Rent)
  2. Lessons on how to home brew
  3. Lessons on how to mix cocktails
  4. Equipment Hire
  5. Ingredients to make X amount of beer, cider, wine or spirits per month
  6. Storage of home brew in a thermostatically (temperature) controlled environment for optimal fermentation
  7. Bottling & Corking/Capping of home brew
  8. Choice of various colours for Crown Caps and PVC Wraps
  9. Osmosis Filtered Water for Home Brew
  10. UV Sterilisation of Water (to kill all viruses and bacteria)
  11. Cleaning & sterilising of equipment and bottles
  12. Label Printing (Free Personalisation)
  13. Bottle Labeling
  14. Bottle cleaning & recycling (to reduce you carbon footprint)
  15. Limited refrigerated storage for lager, Cider & white wine (for competitions)
  16. Access to our swap club
  17. Entertainment (TV, Music, Wi-Fi etc…)

Essentially the fallback with traditional home brewing is all of the work involved with regards to the cleaning and sterilising of equipment, cleaning the labels off the bottles, rinsing and sterilising the bottles, priming the bottles, the bottling and capping/corking and temperature control. For example; If  you have one cold night and your brews temperature drops too low your yeast will become dormant and fermentation will become stuck. With our temperature controlled storage there is no need to worry as your brew will fermenting within the yeasts optimum temperature range. Our “hassle free home brew” service alleviates all of these ill’s as well as negating the cost of needing to buy any brewing equipment which saves you over £100 in upfront costs.

Please note: there is no monthly commitment or fixed contract  we simply offer a pay as you go service.

Price Comparison table:

Products Brew Masons Store Savings Per Batch
Premium Beer 70p-90 Pint £2.00 Pint £50-£65
Premium Cider 87p Pint £2.30 Pint £62.00
Wine £2.20 Bottle £5-£30 Bottle £150.00
20% Spirit £2.20 Bottle £10-£13 Bottle £200.00

Average Price Table:

Please find below an average price comparison table for brewing in our shop. The price includes both the ingredients and the cost of the service for brewing in our store. Please click here to see our pricing table for each type of product.

Quantity Premium Beer Premium Cider Wine 20% Alcohol
40 Pints 500ml £35.00 £35.00    
25 Bottles 750ml     £55.00 £55.00

Time untill ready:

With our unique and amazing brew kits you hardly have to wait any time at all before your brew is ripe and ready to drink!

Products Time to Drink
Beer 3-4 Weeks
Cider 3-4 Weeks
Wine 2-3 Weeks
20% Spirit 2-3 Weeks

Types of labels:

Whatever the special occasion whether a Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary etc… Brew Masons Ltd. offers not only great tasting Wine, Beer, Cider and 20% spirits at a fraction of the cost but also a personalised labeling service for free, to give your special occasion your own personal touch.  Visit our labels page for more information and examples of labels.

Label Type No. Labels Personalisation Additional Cost Price Per label
Standard Labels NA Yes Free Free
Clear Beer Labels 40 Yes £7.50 £0.19
Clear Wine Labels 25 Yes £5.00 £0.20
Round Clear Wine Labels 25 Yes £3.00 £0.12

Crown Caps & Shrink Wraps:

When making your home brew you have a choice of colour when is comes to your Crown Caps for Beer and Cider and PVC Shrink Wraps for your Wine and 20% Spirit.

Crown Caps PVC Shrink Wraps
Gold Red
Blue Gold
Green White
Red Green

Bottle Deposit:

Please note that a fully returnable bottle deposit will be required for each brew. We only charge 1/2 the price the bottles retail at for a deposit so as to save you even more money.

We now are offering a new cheaper £5 mixed/branded bottle deposit for a Brew. So cheap in fact that even if you choose to recycle the bottles at home rather then bringing them back to the shop you will only loose £5 which works out to 12p extra per beer. So even if the bottle are not returned you brew is still half the price of the supermarkets.

Product No. Bottles Bottle Deposit
Beer 40 £15.00
Cider 40 £15.00
Wine 25 £10.00
20% Spirit 25 £10.00

New Label Designer!

That is correct you can now design your own label directly in your web browser on our website.

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