Our Service vs. Traditional

With traditional home brew premises they are timely and expensive. You start our with all grain ingredients have to go through mashing your malt, (heating it at a low temperature) to convert the starches in the malts into ferment-able sugars by breaking them down. Then you need to sparge off the wort into a boiler and boil in your hops. Then after boiling in your hops you need to cool down your wort to a temperature where you can pitch your yeast to begin the fermentation. This whole process can take up to 5 hours which is why traditional brew premises are so expensive.

With our unique service we have taken an extract approach to make the process much more convenient. We started off with commercial kits you can buy from any store or online, however the quality of the commercial kits was not up to scratch and lacked a fundamental consistency. 

Therefore we had to take a different approach and took the scientific route where we have our own unique fresh extract to make an amazing final product.

What this means for you guys is that it only takes minutes to mix up your batch of Beer, Cider, Wine or 20% Spirit in our store. Then you come back to collect in 3-4 weeks and your product is ready to drink.