Party & Events:

For people who are looking to hold party & events, Brew Masons provides a fantastic opportunity for you to impress your friends and save yourself a lot of money on your Alcohol Bill.

Product Discount Personal Labels Beer/Cider Price Per Bottle Wine/20% Price Per Bottle
2 Brews 5.00% FREE £66.50 £0.83 £104.50 £2.09
3 Brews 10.00% FREE £94.50 £0.78 £148.50 £1.98
4 Brews 15.00% FREE £119.00 £0.74 £187.00 £1.87
5+ Brews 20.00% FREE £140.00 £0.70 £220.00 £1.76

Label & Recipe Personalisation: *Please note that the Beer / Cider are done in batches of 40 Pints and that the Wine / 20 % Spirit are made in batches of 25 Bottles.

Wedding Receptions:

If your wedding reception allows you to provide your own alcohol why not make your special day even more special with Brew Masons. 

Save £1000’s on your wedding’s alcohol bill as well as having free personalised labels.

Personalised Recipes & Labels:

Create your own recipes and even more importantly create your own labels allowing you to personalise the look for each of your brews, such as below. So for your next party or event head down to your local Brew Masons where each batch only takes a couple of minutes to make.