Loading Information:

For loading i.e. collection of your home brew. You can park directly outside our store in the Bus lane for 10 minutes. You are only not allowed to load outside our shop during rush hour. The times are below.

No Loading Times:

  • 4 pm – 6:15 pm


If you are looking to find somewhere to park so that you may come in the shop to taste some samples or Brew some alcohol.

Free Parking:

The the best places to park for free are any of the surrounding streets where it is free to park for 2 hours or the church:

  • Cumberland Road
  • Norwood Road
  • Rupert Street
  • Orts Street
  • Kingsgate Street
  • Amity Road
  • Wycliffe Baptist Church Car park
  • Warehouse Car Park

Wycliffe Baptist Church’s a car park is accessible off Norwood Road and the warehouse car park is accessible from Cumberland Road.

Paid Parking:

Alternatively if you don’t mind a paying you can park in the Abbot Cooks Car Park or Sprinkles opposite the store.



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