How It Works?

We offer an unbelievably convenient service for you to make your own personalised Beer, Cider, Wine & 20% Spirit at a cost even cheaper than the supermarket.

Step 1 – Simply show up to our store, try some free samples to figure out what you want to make.

Step 2 – Once you have decided it will take us 5-10 minutes to calculate the recipe and prep the ingredients and water.

Step 3 – You have to mix your ingredients and pitch your yeast. This takes a couple of minutes.

Step 4 – Email/Upload your label images for your brew. (optional)

Step 5 – Wait 3-4 weeks for the brew to ferment and collect your finished product once notified.

If you would like to book an appointment at our store so that you may use our, Hassle Free Home Brew service then please click the button below to book a time slot.

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What does your service include?

  1. Venue Hire allowing you to make and swap your home brew (Rent)
  2. Lessons on how to home brew
  3. Lessons on how to mix cocktails
    Equipment Hire
  4. Ingredients to make X amount of beer, cider, wine or spirits per month
  5. Storage of home brew in a thermostatically (temperature) controlled environment for optimal fermentation
  6. Bottling & Corking/Capping of home brew
    Choice of various colours for Crown Caps and PVC Wraps
  7. Osmosis Filtered Water for Home Brew
    UV Sterilisation of Water (to kill all viruses and bacteria)
  8. Cleaning & sterilising of equipment and bottles
  9. Label Printing (Free Personalisation)
    Bottle Labelling
  10. Bottle cleaning & recycling (to reduce you carbon footprint)
  11. Access to our swap club
  12. Entertainment (TV, Music, Wi-Fi etc…)

What are the advantages?

  • Extremely GREEN – There is no mass transport of liquid from brewery’s to distribution warehouses then to stores and pubs. All of our bottles are reusable and we sterilise them as part of our service. All of the water is supplied by the mains, passed through an osmosis filter and then sterilised with UV light. We also have a local bottle recycling scheme with pubs and restaurants, to help cut down their carbon footprint.
  • Tastes better – Simply try a sample for yourself and let your taste buds decide
  • Better for you – There are no preservatives in the beer / cider and less preservatives and chemicals used in the wine and 20% Spirit which means no more hangovers and now that the taste is just as good there’s no reason not to try for yourself.
  • Much cheaper – As we are buying ingredients in bulk and you are making the brew yourself there is no duty so we simply pass the savings on to you. For example if you do just 5 20% Spirit Brews or 7 Wine Brews a year you will be saving over £1000.
  • Personalise your drinks taste – simply add some lemongrass to your Apple cider to give it a refreshing summer taste. Or simply add some vanilla pods or oak chips to your red wine to give it flavours that you never thought possible. You can even bring in your own ingredients if we don’t stock them the possibilities are endless.
  • Personalise your labels – Whatever the special occasion whether a Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary or just for fun our personalised labelling service will give your special occasion your own personal touch. We now include personalised labels for FREE. So simply email us your own design and we’ll print and apply them to your brew.

How Much Does it Cost?

This is where our service really comes into it’s own. We are on average a 1/4 of the cost of our nearest competitors. Not only this it only takes 5 minutes to make a batch in our store  as opposed to the 5 hours it takes to make Alcohol at a traditional home brew premesis.