Home Brew vs. Store bought F.A.Q:

Is Home brewing better for you than drinking commercially made, mass produced alcohol?

Well the guy I was talking to was interested to hear why home brewing was healthier than drinking in the pub or buying drinks from the supermarket or your local shop, and the answer was quite simple.

When home brewing you are in total control of what goes into your drinks. You can select the quality of the juice you use, whether you’re going to use organic products, what type of sugar you’re using and how much you’re going to use, whether you use any artificial sweeteners etc. the list goes on. But the most important thing for me is that you can choose not to use what virtually all commercial alcoholic drinks manufacturers use in their drinks: chemicals. More accurately chemical additives and preservatives that are needed for extending a products shelf life and also yeast killing additives to kill the yeast and prevent bottle explosions during transportation of the drinks. These chemical additives and preservatives aren’t necessary when home brewing simply because you don’t have to transport your home brew across the country!

This all means that not only is home brewing great for producing your own unique flavors, not only is it much cheaper to make than buying alcoholic drinks in the shops and pubs, but it’s also better for you physically!

Just another great reason to start home brewing.

Does Home Brew taste as good as store bought?

Well the simple answer is yes! But you will find that with certain products the taste is actually much better and comparable with expensive high end products. We have selected the finest brew kits and our brew masters with years of experience will guide you every step of the way to ensure quality products.

If all this sounds too good to be true then simply visit our shop and taste the products for yourself!

Is it better for the Environment?

Yes its Extremely GREEN – There is no mass transport of liquid from brewery’s to distribution warehouses then to stores and pubs. All of our bottles are reusable and we sterilize them as part of our service. All of the water is supplied by the mains, passed through an osmosis filter and then sterilised with UV light. We also have a local bottle recycling scheme with pubs and restaurants, to help cut down their carbon footprint. So join our revolution and help us save you money and the environment at the same time.

Can you personalise the taste?

Perhaps the best aspect of Brew Masons service is that we offer fresh ingredients and recipes that allow you to create completely new alcoholic beverages that are not available in the commercial market. For example simply add some lemongrass to your Apple cider to give it a refreshing summer taste. Or simply  add some vanilla pods or oak chips to your red wine to give it flavours that you never thought possible. You can even bring in your own ingredients if we don’t stock them the possibilities are endless.

Can you personalise the labels?

Whatever the special occasion whether a Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary etc… Brew Masons Ltd. offers not only great tasting Wine, Beer, Cider and 20% spirits at a fraction of the cost but also a personalised labeling service to give your special occasion your own personal touch.  So don’t waste your time stocking up at your local supermarkets and come down to your local Brew Masons and help save the environment by using the greenest way to make alcohol.