Greenest business in town!

Our bottle re-using program turns out to be much greener and more carbon neutral than recycling. There is a massive carbon footprint reduction when bottles are re-used by a local business. The bottles do not need to be transported to the recycling plant where the glass needs to be crushed, re-melted and re-molded/blown into newly re-usable bottles. They then need to be transported to a bottling plant / brewery. They are then transported to warehouses for storage and then finally transported to the shop / pub / restaurant where they will finally be sold. Obviously this process is costly requires a lot of energy and the transportation gives off a lot of emissions.

With our service our customers return all there bottles to their local Brew Masons where the labels are removed and the bottles are cleaned and sterilised for re-use on site. When our customers brew at there local Brew Masons all of the water is supplied by the mains, filtered and sterilised on-site. As the majority of alcoholic beverages shipped around are water this again helps reduce your carbon footprint.

Save the Planet & Your Wallet!

So why not pop down to your local Brew Masons and knock up your first batch and help us save the planet one drink at a time! You will also save yourself a hell of a lot of money as you can save over £1000 a year by using our brewing service.

Recycling Partners Scheme!

We have even enlisted local pubs to provide us with their old bottles for re-use. They get to reduce their waste and carbon footprint at the same time. For more information on our recycling partners scheme, please click here.