“I have been brewing kits for over 30 years and their IPA beer kit I tried is by far the best results I have ever had. I will definitely be using them again”

Mark Jance

I decided to try one of these kits instead of the usual laborious All Grain Brewing I do. Fortunately I can confirm that the results are just as good without all the faff.

Ben Butler

Just tried the Irish Dry Stout Beer kit. It is currently fermenting and smells amazing. I hope the finished product tasted as good as it smells.

Salvatore D'Arrigo

Though I would try one of these kits instead of the usual St. Peters ones I use. There is much more flavour so I have been converted to Brew Masons. However I am dissapointed there is no Masonic Lodge! haha

Steve Kench

Just tried there Citrus Lager for the start of the summer. Great Beer, Great Flavour and very refreshing.

David Drealsin

I am very happy with the end results. The only issue I had was with the condition of the packaging but the courier had beaten the hell out of the box so not really Brew Masons fault.

Anthony Cannon-Jones

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