“Fantastic new concept and a fantastic final product. I am really getting in to the customisation and personalisation of flavour. I have so far made an orange chocolate stout and a toffee apple cider both with amazing success. The variety is endless and puts supermarkets to shame.”

Mark Jance

I have become hooked on brewmasons since first using it 6 months ago. The beer tastes better than the supermarket, is cheaper, better for you and greener as you recycle the bottles. Plus you can have loads of fun customising your brew. It’s a no-brainer really.

Ben Butler

As students Brew Masons is a great way for us to enjoy a range of beers and ciders we couldn’t otherwise afford. I can thoroughly recommend it to other students, my only regret is that it opened in my final year!

Salvatore D'Arrigo

There aren’t too many Aladdin’s Caves left in the world, but when you find one support it! Brewmasons is a veritable homage to ‘home-brew’ – not only can you select your ingredients from a smorgasbord of possibilities, but you can mix what you have selected too – especially great if you have kids!. The end product has been sensational – much better than any brand I’ve bought recently.

Steve Kench

Being a tight arsed Scotsman ,I was thrilled to come across this “gem at the junction”!The knowledge, help, and informed expertise from Ed and Grahame, is more than enough to set you on your way to your first successful brew.I´ll be back form Kazaksthan in May guys, get those empties ready for my fifth batch!

Des Dawson

I was introduced to Brew Masons by a friend as a birthday gift so this could have turned out to be a complete one off. However, not only have I been back to make two more batches, I have also gladly recommended friends to come along and have a try at brewing their own! Beer is dead, long live Beer!

Anthony Cannon-Jones

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