Gift Vouchers To Make Your Own Beer Cider Wine & 20% Spirit Fantastic Christmas & Birthday Presents!

For anyone looking to give their friends and family a truly unique gift this Christmas. How about one of our Gift Voucher allowing them to make their own Beer, Cider or Wine in our store in Minutes. Also included is free personalized labels to make their gift extra special! All for cheaper than the supermarkets.

Home Brew Swap Club

As our motto is “Hassle out of home brew!” we have created a unique swap club for all of our members who brew in store. Just in case you fancy drinking something different than what you have brewed. Please find the denominations below: 1 Bottle of Beer 500ml = 1 Bottle of Cider 500ml 1 […]

Only 70p a Pint for Beer or Cider & £2 a Bottle of Wine or Spirit!

That is correct we are the only Brew Premises that is cheaper than the supermarkets potentially saving you £1000’s a year. It’s also better for your health as there are no chemical preservatives and therefore no bad hangovers. It is extremely green and helps drastically reduce your carbon emissions. You also receive free personalised labels […]

Brew Masons Ltd. a cheaper, tastier, greener and healthier alternative to the supermarkets. Dismiss

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