Beer Kit Instructions:

We have decided to put instructions on how to make our beer kits online. Therefore please find below a copy of the instructions that should be on your ingredients kit you have ordered.

Ginger Beer (Brew Masons)

Instructions For Making Your Beer:

  1.  Empty contents into fermentation bin filled with approximately 21 liters of water at a temperature of 23 degrees Celsius.
  2. Mix thoroughly
  3. Sprinkle yest sachet on top of the brew
  4. Secure lid with airlock on fermentation bin and let ferment for 10-14 days at a temperature of 21-25 degrees Celsius.
  5. Rack (siphon) off into secondary fermentation leaving sediment behind.
  6. Add (0g = Flat), (30g Real Ale), (60g American Ale), (130g Lager), (170g Wheat Beer) of priming sugar and mix thoroughly.
  7. Bottle, Cap and let condition for at least 1 week at a temperature between 21-25 Celcius.
  8. Once cleared refrigerate over night and decant in to glass out of the bottle.
  9. Enjoy!

Equipment Needed:

  • 2 x Fermentation Bins
  • 1 x Fermentation Bin lid with airlock
  • 1 x Siphon
  • 1 x Crown Capper
  • 40 x 500 ml Bottles and caps

Bottling Procedure:

  1. Sterilize and rinse the necessary amount of Bottles and caps. (40+)
  2. Bottle your beer by using a siphon and pinching it or by attaching an Automatic Bottle filler to fermentation bin.
  3. Cap all of the bottles.
  4. Label if required.
  5. Let condition for 7-14 days at room temperature and then refrigerate and decant into glass.