All New Brew Masons

Welcome to the all new Brew Masons Ltd. As of October 2017 we have relaunched our company as a completely new entity. Originally we were just a home brew supply shop with a Brew Premises attached. This meant that not only could people buy ingredients kits and equipment but alternatively make their Alcoholic beverages in the shop. Everyone loved the concept, but unfortunately the commercial kits were not up to scratch. They lacked a fundamental consistency. Because of this we decided to try and come up with our own methodology and ingredients in order to create high quality extract and concentrate, beer, cider and wine kits. After a lot of research and experimentation we are finally ready to launch our new Business. Brew Masons Ltd. 2.0.

So why not come down and try some samples of our new products and if you’re impressed, why not knock up a batch!

Brew Masons Ltd. a cheaper, tastier, greener and healthier alternative to the supermarkets. Dismiss

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