Free 40 Pint Brew with every 5 referrals!

We have decided to start a referral scheme for all of our Brew Masons members. All you have to do is convince 5 of your friends to sign up and brew and we’ll give you a free Beer/Cider Brew, that’s 40 pints. Or if you manage to sign up 10 of your friends we’ll give you a free Wine/20% Spirit Brew which is 25 bottles of 750ml Wine or 20% Spirit for free. So why not send down all of your friends and family to try some free samples. They have nothing to loose!

(Please note a fully refundable bottle deposit will be required)

Referrals Free Gift No. Bottles
5 Beer / Cider Brew 40 x 500 ml
10 Wine / Spirit Brew 25 x 750 ml

Brew Masons Ltd. a cheaper, tastier, greener and healthier alternative to the supermarkets. Dismiss

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