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Not only do we retail home brew kits and equipment in our store and online, we also offer a cheaper alternative to the supermarket with our, “Hassle Free Home Brew!”™ service.


  • Make Beer, Cider, Redic, Wine and 20% Spirit IN MINUTES.
  • Extremely GREENFor more information, please click here.
  • Tastes better – Simply try a  FREE sample for yourself and let your taste buds decide.
  • Better for you – There are no preservatives, fresh ingredients, no more hangovers .
  • Much cheaper – As we are buying ingredients in bulk and you are making the brew yourself there is no duty. For example if you do just 5 20% Spirit Brews or 7 Wine Brews a year you will be saving over £1000.
  • Personlise your drinks taste – endless ingredients and adjuncts to make your perfect brew.
  • Personalise your labels – We now include personalised labels for FREE.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee (WORLDS FIRST).
  • Beer Kits, Cider Kits & Wine Kits Made From Fresh Craft Brewery Ingredients (Unprecedented quality, unique ingredients)
  • Unprecedented Range

Essentially the fallback with traditional home brewing is all of the work involved with regards to the cleaning and sterilising of equipment, cleaning the labels off the bottles, rinsing and sterilising the bottles, priming the bottles, the bottling and capping/corking and temperature control. For example; If  you have one cold night and your brews temperature drops too low your yeast will become dormant and fermentation will become stuck. With our temperature controlled storage there is no need to worry as your brew will fermenting within the yeasts optimum temperature range. Our “hassle free home brew” service alleviates all of these ill’s as well as negating the cost of needing to buy any brewing equipment which saves you over £100 in upfront costs.

over 100 styles of beer!

Not only do we have an unprecedented range of styles of beer to choose from. We can also have a go at cloning any from 1000’s of commercial beers.

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over 50 styles of wine!

Covering the whole range of White, Red, Rose and also Blackcurrant we have over 50 styles of wine. Not only this we can also turn any style you want fizzy offering a truly unprecedented range.

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Over 13 styles of Cider!

We have over 13 base styles of cider as well as Blackcurrant Juice so that you can make our famous Blackcurrant (Ribena) Cider, or Apple & Blackcurrant Cider. We also stock a huge range of flavours to change your ciders taste.

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20% Spirit!

Crystal clear 20% Spirit at just £2.20 per 750 ml bottle. This is a great neutral base making a fantastic alternative to vodka. We also have a huge range of flavourings if you wish to change the taste.

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New Online Shop for home delivery!

That’s right we have  a new online shop for people who whish to order ingredients kits and equipment for home delivery. Please click the link below to visit our online shop.

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